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What does the offering tray for the traders’ opening ceremony include?

The offering tray for the opening ceremony on the auspicious day of the traders’ opening is carefully prepared to express reverence to the deities and ancestors. The offering tray for the opening ceremony includes:

– 1 tray of five fruits for the opening ceremony.

– Chrysanthemums.

– Dragon-shaped incense sticks.

– Candlesticks.

– Sealed jars of rice.

– Sealed jars of salt.

– Tea.

– White wine.

– Bottled water.

– Gold paper money and scented incense for the opening ceremony.

– Cakes and sweets.

– Betel leaves and areca nuts.

– White bean dessert.

– Red sticky rice with green beans.

– Plain rice porridge.

– Boiled chicken.

– Roasted pig.

– Rice noodles.

– A set of three red silk threads.

The offerings reflect the sincere gratitude of the believers to the deities who govern the land, the spirits of the grounds, the land, and the ancestors, in the hope that everyone will create favorable conditions for business and attract good fortune.

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Standard and detailed ritual for opening ceremony of traders

Namo Amitabha Buddha!

Namo Amitabha Buddha!

Namo Amitabha Buddha!


I respectfully bow to the nine directions of Heaven, the ten directions of Buddhas, and the ten directions of Buddhas.

I humbly salute the Yearly Dragon Manager, the God of Mercantile Propitiousness, and the Great Kings.

I humbly salute the Five Directions, the Five Lands, the Dragon Vein, the God of Blessed Fate of the Kitchen God, and the honorable deities.

I humbly salute the Spirits responsible for governing this area.

I, the believer(s), with the name(s) (name(s)): …………. Age: ………….. Currently residing at: …………….

Today is the day …. month …. year …., I/the believers sincerely prepare the offerings, betel leaves, flowers, tea, fruits, and light the incense to offer in front of the altar. With sincere hearts, I/we declare: I/we have constructed (or rented) a shop in this area (specify the address) …. (if it is an agency or workshop, the prayer is addressed to me/the believer(s) as Director or Manager of the entire company). I/we now wish to open and start a business (or production) to serve the people’s needs and daily activities. Therefore, we have chosen an auspicious day and month to prepare these offerings and sincerely present them to the Deities and all the Sacred Beings …. for their consideration and guidance.

We invite the Yearly Dragon Manager, the Spirit of the Land, the God of Blessed Fate of the Kitchen God, and the Land Gods to come here to receive the offerings, bless us, and protect us in our business endeavors, gaining more luck and success. May all our wishes come true.

The believer(s) also invites the Past Owners, the Future Owners, and all the Spiritual Beings residing in this area to come here to receive the offerings and bless the believers in their prosperous business ventures.

By lighting the incense, presenting the offerings, folding our hands in prayer, we sincerely ask for your compassion. May all our virtuous actions be a helping hand, supporting us in our OPENING CEREMONY, bringing harmony and peace to our family, prosperity and success in all seasons, smooth and successful work, removing obstacles, transforming negativity into auspiciousness, granting our wishes and fulfilling our desires.

May we receive your blessings for a peaceful and prosperous life. May there be no obstacles in all seasons, and eight seasons bring good fortune. May everyone be safe and sound, and may we enjoy the benefits and luck in every month and day. Harmonizing Yin and Yang, we pray with a sincere heart. We seek your confirmation.

Namo Amitabha Buddha!

Namo Amitabha Buddha!

Namo Amitabha Buddha!

Some notes: If writing on paper, when burning the gold and silver papers, also burn the paper used for the offering together with the gold and silver papers.

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