Văn Khấn Đền Trình Bà Chúa Kho / Top 15 Xem Nhiều Nhất & Mới Nhất 9/2023 # Top Trend

Đền Bà Chúa Kho tọa lạc tại tỉnh Bắc Ninh từ lâu đã trở thành điểm đến nổi tiếng của giới kinh doanh, nơi mà nhiều người đến để “vay vốn”. Mỗi đầu năm âm lịch, rất đông người đổ về đền Bà Chúa Kho.

The positive work is ranked Bà chúa Kho due to the acquired understanding, the approach approaches, doing the so-called. The assumption is that at the beginning of the year, people come to borrow from the blessings to eat, produce, and do business prosperously.

Following the traditional customs, when visiting Temples and Shrines, it is common to bring offerings of various sizes, depending on personal preference. Although these places are dedicated to Saints and Deities, it is still acceptable to offer vegetarian offerings such as fruit incense, vegetarian dishes, etc.

– Vegetarian Offerings: Including floral incense, tea, fruit, and vegetarian products for the offering to Buddha, Bodhisattva (if any). Vegetarian offerings are also used to offer to the Holy Mother.

– Salty Offerings: If you believe that salt is necessary, we recommend buying vegetarian-shaped items such as chicken, pork, sausage.

– Living Offerings: Absolutely do not use living offerings, including eggs, rice, salt, or meat at the Central Five Sides, White Cobra, Blue Cobra located at the lower part of the Công Đồng Tứ phủ.

– Local Specialties: Including vegetarian dishes of Vietnam: Do not use crabs, snails, eels, chili peppers, lemons … If there is purple sticky rice to cook for sweet porridge, it also belongs to this offering.

– Ancestor Worshipping Offerings: Usually consist of toys, fruits, floral incense, mirrors, combs … These are the toys that people often make for young children. But these offerings must be delicate, small, beautiful, and placed in small, beautiful bags.

– Worshipping the Deities Thành Hoàng, Thư địa: Must use vegetarian offerings to have blessings and prayers are answered.

After finishing the worship at the ancestral altar, while waiting for a week-long incense, you can visit the scenery of the ancestral temple.

When the week-long incense is lit, it can be lit for another week-long incense. After lighting the incense, bow 3 times in front of each altar and then lower it to take it to the place of gold transformation.

After the gold transformation is completed, other offerings can be lowered. When lowering the offerings, start from the outermost altar to the main altar. As for the ritual items at the altar dedicated to the Aunt and Uncle, such as mirrors, combs … leave them on the altar or place them in a separate location without taking them home.

– I respectfully worship the Holy Trinity God is most essential to the Holy.

– I respectfully worship the Community of Three Phủ, the myriad spirits of Four Phủ.

– I respectfully worship the Heavenly Mothers, Earthly Mothers, Water Mothers.

– I respectfully worship the Holy Aunt Goddess of the Warehouse.

– I respectfully worship the yearly appointed Honorable Gods.

– I respectfully worship the Grand Thành Hoàng, the Great Earth God.

– I respectfully worship the Five Tiger General, the Holy White Cobra, Holy Blue Cobra.

My child’s name is: …………… Residing at: …………

I have prepared gold, floral incense, and necessary offerings with wholehearted sincerity to offer worship, repent and seek protection for my child: wishing for family harmony, financial success, and good luck in all endeavors.

I offer my sincere thanks to the Holy Mother of the Warehouse and humbly request her protection and support in all matters.

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